My Pretty New Plates


Good Morning!

We are going on a hike this morning. We are hoping to do about 4 miles round trip. It will be the first hike here in the park and very good exercise for the two of us we’re hoping.

I couldn’t pass up these pretty plates. They only had 2 left and I grabbed them. I love the colors and they are just so cheerful they make me smile. So I now have a total of 6 plates traveling with us. Of course one set has strawberries on them and the other set is black and white. I am now on the look out for cereal bowls as the ones I have are old and I want to replace them. So far I haven’t found any I like. I’ll keep looking.

Our campground is pretty empty and today more are planning to leave. We will see how many move in today. It can be quite entertaining when they come flying onto the road only to discover one of the speed bumps you have to stop and go over SLOWLY. That slows them down. I don’t know why people need to speed here in the park. There is a reason for the 5 or 10 mile speed limit signs here. You know kids playing, people walking their dogs and on bikes. Sometimes you wonder if people think they are on a race track the way they fly through here. I just sigh and shake my head.

Well Norm discovered, with the help of the neighbors, that the fault of no running lights working on the Kodiak falls with the Ford. There is a Ford Dealership not to far from here so we will have to take her in and have her checked over. Hope it’s just a fuse!

I’m heading to the coffee pot then the shower and then the Lily will need her walk so I better get with the program. Hope everyone has a Glorious Monday filled with Tender Moments and Loving Gestures.



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