Good Morning!


It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in Georgia. We are at home again today.

Norm is trying to figure out why our running lights on the Kodiak aren’t coming on. He’s narrowing it done to a fuse issue but which one is causing the issue? That is the question that he hopes to solve today. He’s also planning on doing some PVC pipe cutting to get ready for the wine rack installation. He will spray paint them to match the Kodiak’s decor too.  In the bathroom I am considering those peel and stick wall tiles along with another towel rack. There are a few other minor things I want to do to the Kodiak to make it more homey I just need to find a Michael’s to see about getting the things I want. These are the fun projects and I do enjoy doing them.

Oh we weren’t suppose to have rain today but a shower just passed through. I guess Norm’s towel got a little damp. Hope we don’t have any more today as we plan to enjoy the screen room later with the Lily. It’s so nice to sit outside and watch the world walk,bike,run or drive by. Oh look out for that Speed Bump! They’re everywhere.

Not sure what to have for dinner tonight. I know it’s a few hours away but I need to get it out of the freezer. So I am thinking and thinking and I still have not made a decision. Sigh!

Here’s hoping you have a Magical Sunday filled with Love, Light and Laughter.


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