Good Morning!

We woke up to rain and yes it did rain most of the night too. Now the sun is just beginning to shine so we are hoping for another beautiful day. Again we feel for all those campers that have to pack down in the wet. That is never any fun!

Yesterday we had a scare as we were trying to hitch our rig to the truck. It kept shifting towards the tree. I was praying we wouldn’t hit the tree. Our tire chucks just couldn’t keep it place and so we will be buying a different type. Also the pads we had under the tongue jack were to smooth and it was sliding off. Norm managed to get it onto another set  and then repositioned the truck so we could get it hitched. We were at least an hour behind when we left the camp. We arrived safely here and we are in love with our site. It was easy to get into and you can’t see your neighbors out the windows instead you see Mother Nature. It’s just beautiful here. Also we were able to set up the screen room and that is wonderful as I am not a fan of KNATS!!!!!!! I know everything has a place and a purpose in God’s kingdom but a knat is just so annoying!

Okay the squirrels are already bugging me. Yesterday there was one sitting on my oven! Then he/she got down onto the table and looked up at the window as if to say Hey Human where’s my snacks. Cheeky Squirrel! They better leave my herb plants alone!

We are having a down day today. Other than Lily walks we will be in camp. Tomorrow we will start exploring the park. That should be fun as there is a lot to see here.

A trip to the coffee pot is next then walk the Lily and sometime today I need to exercise. Hope everyone has a Pleasant Friday filled with Love.




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