Spring Green!


Good Morning!

It’s moving day!

We can hardly wait to Journey On today and see what new Adventures await us at our last park here in Georgia. Just a few things to put away before we hitch,pull out and empty our tanks and move on down the road. Should be a beautiful day to travel.

We did get the chance to sit outside yesterday afternoon for a little while and I just had to snap a picture of the view from where I was sitting. The Spring greens are so vibrant especially with the sun shining on them. I noticed there are still some trees just beginning to put out their leaves. It was a beautiful and peaceful way to spend our last afternoon here at Tallulah Gorge S.P.

I don’t know if you have noticed the painted rocks in a lot of the camp grounds. We have noticed them and often wondered why they were there. Our neighbor Darlene told us she is painting some of them and leaving one in each campsite she visits in memory of a friend who passed away. She had cancer and this is her way of honoring her. I thought this was a special way to do that. She painted us a rock to carry with us so we would remember them. She and her husband are a wonderful couple from Alabama and I will cherish this gift always. So keep an eye out for those painted rocks! They may have a beautiful story and a wonderful memory attached to them.

Well I need to get moving. Hey I am still in my PJs and that is not normal for me. Coffee and then I’ll do the get dressed and make-up thing so we can move on with our morning.

Hope everyone has a Blessed Thursday filled with Hope, Love and Peace.



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