Good Morning!

Pretty day the sun is shining and the temperatures are going to be in the 80’s. Yeah Spring has decided to stay!

Well yesterday was provisioning day more fondly known as grocery day and I am glad to say it’s done. I am always dreading that part of our errand day even with a list in hand I always forget something and every Walmart is so different it makes shopping take a lot longer than I feel is necessary. Oh, I did buy two neat dinner plates. I just couldn’t pass them by.

We did get time to relax outside in the late afternoon. It was a beautiful day and we just couldn’t pass up the chance to enjoy being outdoors. Do you see the PVC pipe in the picture? Guess what his next project is?

Today is pack down day! Tomorrow we move to our last park here in Georgia. We’ve never been to this park either so let the Adventure begin! We can hardly wait. Soon we will be moving up into the other states and exploring as we Journey through them. We are excited to be on the move again.

Well I need to get going as the Kodiak will not pack itself. These are the days you would love to have the Jetson’s push a button and everything is done! Oh well manual it is and I need coffee.

Hoping everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday filled with love, hope, and joy.


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