Waiting On A Treat


Good Morning!

The birds are singing and the camp is waking up to a beautiful cool morning. Hello Spring have you decided to stay around awhile?

We were sitting outside yesterday afternoon and Norm went back inside the Kodiak and as you can see Miss Lily was waiting and watching for his return. She expects a treat every time he goes inside and she lets him know how unhappy she is if he forgets to bring her one. He usually goes back in and gets her one. Yesterday on her walk she was messing around and hurt her paw. So Norm carried her back to camp. A little while later she seemed fine so we guess she just bruised it. She seems fine today.

I did manage to get the laundry, dusting and the floors mopped yesterday. It took awhile but it felt good to get it all done. Today is Home Depot for wine rack making materials  and Walmart for groceries also we need to get diesel for the truck. Another busy day. Tomorrow is Pack Down Day as we prepare to Journey On. One more stop in Georgia and then we move on to Tenn.

I need to get moving as they say time and tide waits for no one and I’ve found that neither does grocery shopping! Lily still needs her walk and I need more coffee.

Hope everyone has an Amazing Tuesday fill with Health and Happiness.


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