Good Morning!

I don’t have the height of Norm and he knows it yet when he orders a replacement fan for the bathroom he seemed to forget that information. He ordered the manual opening fan and after he installed it discovered I couldn’t reach the handle without a stool!! That was very frustrating for me! There was a motorized one he could have gotten. A push of a button and it opened or closed. He was worried the thing wouldn’t work right so he ordered the manual one instead. So here is a picture of him making the handle longer so I can reach it without the stool. It works just not what I envisioned it would be like. I just wish I was taller and I know that is not going to happen anytime soon.

I have had a rough morning trying to start the laundry there are more machines up there that don’t work than there are that do. I am grateful that there is ONE washer and ONE dryer that do work. It took me a few minutes to figure out the one was a dryer and that was as I was walking down the hill. I went back and now my second load is in the washer. Thank heavens I only have 4 loads of laundry today.

Norm’s emptying the tanks this morning and I plan to mop the floors. I know that sounds like an easy job but when you live in a small space and there are 2 people and one dog there is no where for them to go to wait for the floor to dry except outside. So you have to wait for a nice day so they can be outside for a while and today it’s suppose to be nice so it’s floor moping time!

Okay enough complaining for today. The sun is shining and the birds are singing and we are able to enjoy the world around us and that is a Blessing for sure. Here’s hoping everyone had a Marvelous Monday filled with Love and Wonderful Memories.



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