Happy Easter


Good Morning and Happy Easter!

Yesterday I baked some muffins and cookies. I am still learning this new oven. What took 10 minutes in my other toaster oven takes 8 minutes or less in this one. So there is a massive learning curve here and let’s hope I learn it quickly!

Crock Pot time!

Yes I am using the crock pot today to cook the turkey breast as we go on our morning hike.  I am also excited to later try my hand at making chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream. Norm loves chocolate ice cream and I have the base cooling in the fridge and as soon as we return from our morning hike I will put it in the ice cream maker and let her churn.

I had a long visit via the phone with my Mom today. I am grateful that I was able to talk with her. I don’t know how much longer we will have these visits. I am blessed to have her and she can remember way back when. Wow!

The sun is shining but the temperatures are in the 40’s. So it looks warm out there until you see all the people in coats,hats,scarves and some in gloves. Yep very deceiving makes you thinks shorts and a tee shirt but oh no you need pants and a sweatshirt instead!

Okay enough with the whining. I need to go pick out a bottle of wine to go with dinner and get in the fridge. I can hardly wait till we have a wine rack here in the living area. We are going to measure the area again and the bottles to be sure of the sizes and then on Tuesday pick up what we need to make it. I am very excited about that!

Well I need coffee and Lily will need her walk soon so I need to get a move on.

Hoping everyone has a Happy Easter with many Blessing and lots of Love, Peace and Joy.



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