Memories how they linger. This picture brings back a lot of fond memories. Memories of all the things we shared as we steered our way through life. These memories make me smile.

Today is my Mom’s 97th birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! I hope she has a wonderful day. Mom said she missed being able to go out and see her flowers. So I sent her flowers and they should arrive today. She loves all kinds of flowers and I hope she likes the ones I sent. You never know if you picked the right ones or not till after they’ve arrived.

A stormy morning here in Georgia and we’ve already been to the bathhouse do to the tornado warning that happened at 6:15 this morning. We were able to come back home after about 20 or so minutes. So this is a real lazy morning and I feel like I am running behind even though I have no where to go. I know kind of crazy right?

Oh Good Morning!

We feel for all the people hitching and breaking camp in this downpour. I pray they all have a safe journey home. We’ve been there but the weather was warm and that was a good thing. Nothing like a cold rain to chill you to the bone.

I am thinking of doing some of my inside chores today as Norm will be working on video. Later he’ll play his game and I’ll read or craft and hopefully we can get Lily out for a short walk.

I need coffee and this feels like a 3 pot day for me.

I hope everyone has a  Good Friday filled with Love and Happiness.




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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom!


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