Serene Morning


Good Morning!

Norm’s out emptying our tanks this morning. We are going to do a few errands today before the rains come in. I don’t have a lot of plans for today though I think Norm is going to work on the light pole. It’s looking good and I can’t wait to see the finished project.

I put the ice cream insert in the freezer yesterday and I am planning on making chocolate ice cream either Friday or Saturday. I’m cooking a Turkey Breast for Easter dinner this year. It will be a different type of Easter for us. A new adventure. We plan on taking an Easter hike. The trail is a short one and isn’t to difficult. We shall see.

I took this picture yesterday on the South Rim Trail. We had walked down well over 300 steps to get there and it was just absolutely beautiful. So Serene! We did a lot of pictures and video and then we started up those steps to get back to the trail. After those steps we agreed not to do the 200 plus ones but we ended up doing them anyway as we hiked the rest of the trail. Stunning views everywhere. On our way back to the trail head we heard the siren that let’s you know to get to higher ground as they are releasing a lot of water from the dam and it will be rushing down the gorge. We back tracked a little on the trail to get a better view of the falls and sure enough there was a lot more water flowing down. I took more video of this as it just looked amazing to me. We agree that the South trail was a lot more strenuous than the North trail. We are very happy that we did both of them though our bodies may not agree.

Well I need more coffee and to get moving on with my day.

So I’ll wish all of you a  Peaceful and Joyous Thursday.



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