It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood!


Good Morning!

The sun is shining and that makes it a very good day. This is the kind of day you want to go for a ramble and check out all the beauty Mother Nature has in store for you. A day to celebrate that winter is past and Spring has sprung and Summer is coming.

Can you believe that Easter is this Sunday and that four months of the year are almost gone? I have a hard time with that sometimes. I feel I am not living each day to the fullest but then I remind myself that I don’t have to rush to cram everything into one or two days any more and I calm myself  back down. Then I proceed to the next adventure on my list of want to see or do. Some are exciting and some are mundane but to me they are interesting and they keep me happy and smiling.

Thank-you to my daughters for the videos and pictures of the grand kids. Their antics keep me smiling and I share them with Grandma and she laughs about what they are up to. That is a wonderful sound to me. She lives alone and she needs to have something to smile and laugh about and my grand kids give her that joy.

Yesterday Norm did do all those stairs which were well over 600 plus. He had to walk down them to the suspension bridge and then back up again. He said the bridge was fine if no one else was walking on it. However there were a lot of people taking that hike so there were several people crossing that bridge. A lady who’s husband went with their friends to cross the bridge came back and set with me at the overlook and we had a very nice visit till Norm made his way back to where we were sitting. Together we did 3 sets of stairs and Norm did a total of four sets of stairs yesterday. The going up was the hard part but there were parts of the trail that took some careful maneuvering to get up the trail and  to get back down the trail. But all of this was well worth the effort the views were absolutely stunning. It was a fun adventure and we did complete all the North Rim Trail.

Today is Kodiak cleaning day. Yep house work!  So that is what I will be doing today and Norm has a couple of projects outside he’s going to work on. A busy day for us in camp.

Well I need coffee and Lily will need her walk soon and I just figured out I’m hungry so I had better get a move on.

Hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday filled with joy and gladness.



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