Salad Time!


Good Morning!

It’s Hiking Day!!

We are doing the North Rim Trail today. There is at least one set of stairs, either 200 plus or 300 plus steps that we will have to go up and then down. I will let you know if there are more than one set of stairs on this trail. I wonder just how difficult it will be to go up and down them. I am not even going to try that suspension bridge! To do this trail you have to cross that bridge twice otherwise you will be on the South Rim Trail  and we are doing that another day. Today I am taking my hiking stick normally I don’t feel the need for it but today I do.

First we have a few chores to do before we can go on our hike and I have to wait till 9 am to call our Dr.’s office. I need a refill and I need them to contact the Walmart near us to give them the new prescription to fill. Oh well that’s not to hard to do and usually our Dr.’s office is quite quick to take care of these things. Norm’s emptying our tanks today. The dump station isn’t that far away.

I saw these pots of lettuce at Home Depot. I thought wow my lettuce never grew like that  when I planted it in my pots. The squirrels usually got to it way before it was big enough to eat. They even ate my strawberry plants. These pots of lettuce made me hungry for a salad. So guess what we for dinner that night. Yep salad! Yum!

Do to the rain and my sinus I didn’t do a lot the last three days. Mainly I just read and yesterday I changed the frames on a few of my pictures. I also added twine flowers to two of them. I wanted all my frames to be black so they go with my decor.

Well I need to get a move on. I still have a few things to do before Lily’s morning walk. So off the the coffee pot for a refill and then onward.

Hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday filled with Love and Happiness.



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