Good Morning!

The one thing we’ve notice since we arrived here that everything is Up Hill! These stairs and I am not sure if this is the 200 plus or 300 plus stairway that takes you up to the rest of the North Rim Trail. On both of the North and South Rim Trails there are these long sets of stairs that you must go down and then come back up to complete parts of the trails. We are hoping to do the North Rim Trail tomorrow. I do not plan on doing the Bridge that Swings at all! Thanks I’ll PASS on that one. It’s way to long and way to high up for me and my vertigo to even try crossing it to the look out point that’s there. Norm can’t wait to give it ago though. Better him than me!

The birds are singing as the Boy Scouts are packing and loading their trailer to leave and go home. They were a very nice group of young people. It was good to see them out and enjoying Mother Nature.

Home Depot was our only errand yesterday and we were able to find the things we were looking for. That’s always a Blessing. We looked at the PVC pipe for my wine rack but we need to fine tune the design before we purchase anything. We discovered a few snags that we need to figure out and then the project will be a go. I also found some peel and stick wall tile that I would like to use in the bathroom around the sink. I took pictures of it. In the garden center I saw pots of lettuce big enough to eat and potted tomato plants that already had tomatoes on them. We did find the Rosemary plants and we bought one and a very nice pot for it. Norm was a sweetheart and put the Rosemary in the pot for me. It is a very fragrant herb! I used my fresh herbs in dinner last night. That was fun!

Norm took Lily for an early walk as it looks like it could pour any minute and we didn’t want her getting wet. I do have a few things to do this morning but for now I am headed to the coffee pot for a refill.

Hope all of you have a Super Sunday filled with Love and Laughter.


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