Easter Decor


Good Morning!

Today I can hear the birds singing and I know we are still suppose to get more rain though the percentages have gone down some. Late yesterday a Boy Scout Troop moved in across the way. It will be interesting to see how their camp is set up.

We are planning a Home Depot run today for the parts to repair the carrier for the tool box and the parts for the wine rack. Yeah! So a semi busy day.

My Easter Decor is very simple this year. Can you believe Easter is only 8 days away. This year is flying by. My Mom will be 97 in 6 days. Where have the years gone? She has seen and lived through so much of our country’s history. It’s amazing to me!

Sinus has been driving me crazy and the pollen is doing the same to Norm. Be glad when that part of Spring is past. Each park is different but in somethings they are the same. One of these things is the POLLEN!!! The plants and trees are just beginning to bud and bloom as we move North and that means we go through the pollen all over again and again! Poor Norm!

The hiking trails look amazing and we are looking forward to exploring them. They should supply us with some beautiful pictures and video as well as some much needed cardio workouts. Everything is on a hill. We walk down to the trails but you are walking up to our campsite. So the bikes will stay on the bike wing. Maybe the next park we can get them down and ride.

Well I need to get a move on Lily will need her walk and I have a few other chores I need to do before we drive to Home Depot.

I hope everyone has a Spectacular Saturday!



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