Just In The Nick of Time!


Good Morning!

We hurried out to take Miss Lily for her morning Duty and we just got back inside and it started to pour. A very Rainy Day here in Georgia.

This picture was from our trip here yesterday. We had stopped for a Mac Donald’s break. This business had the only parking area that we would fit in. There were Ladies out for their daily walk and Miss Lily was waiting for the Ladies to walk by again and talk to her. She loves making new friends!

We were Blessed in our travels yesterday as we didn’t have to go through Atlanta. The highways and interstates we did travel were crowded though and sometimes it was a bit stressful. It was most pleasant when the traffic thinned out and we were able to just enjoy the ride. It was a beautiful day and the mountains in the distance were wonderful to see.

When we arrived at camp we discovered that our site was going to be a challenge to park on. We did it with only one oops and that is our bay door can’t close do to the tree next to the Kodiak. It is to close for the door to go down and so Norm had to do improvise with a tarp and some clips to keep the critters and the rain out of our bay. If we had moved up so we could open and close that door our steps would have been at the table. The table is made of concrete and can’t be moved. Also we wouldn’t have been able to open our 3 foot slide do to the trees. If we moved far enough up so we could open everything then we couldn’t reach the electric box. So it was a challenge to set up, but we did it! I am sure eventually I will post some pictures of our site and you can see what I mean.

Do to the road conditions coming here Norm has to take the tool box off the back of the Kodiak and redo the bars it sits on.They are bent again. This will be the 2nd time he’s fixed them. He will reinforce them this time to make them stronger and we will hope it doesn’t happen again. I wouldn’t bet on that though.

Okay you all know how I hate to walk across Suspension Bridges. Well there is a 200 foot long one here that goes across the gorge and it is on one of the trails we would like to take. I will have to get a good look at it before I decide if  I am BRAVE enough to walk across it. There is also a set of stairs over 300 steps just to get to that bridge. WHEW!!!!!

Well I need coffee and to do my exercises and have devotions so I had better get moving. With the rain I just want to curl up and nap! So off to the coffee pot I go, this will be a 2 or 3 pot day, for a refill.

Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday filled with Love and Happiness.




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