Catfish Anyone?


Moving Day!!!!!!

Good Morning!

The birds are singing and we are Journeying On today. Yes we have checked, checked and checked our calendars and it is Moving Day!!!!

The only stumbling block that I can foresee on this Journey is our trip through Atlanta though I do believe Nashville, Tenn. is worse do to the entrance and exits being so close together. They can create a bottleneck of massive proportions do to the volume of traffic using these roads. So it makes exiting very hard to do. Enough whining we are Journeying to a park we have never been to and that makes for an exciting Adventure. I pray a lot as we travel and even when when we aren’t. You never know what Adventures a day may bring.

I promised a picture of what we ate at the Whistle Stop Cafe and here it is. I couldn’t pass up the fried catfish fillet. It was delicious as were the sides. Norm enjoyed his pork chops and apples too. Do you see that awesome COFFEE mug? Well I now am the proud owner of two of them. Norm and I are using them today and they are wonderful just perfect for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate! I am a Happy Camper!

Just a little more packing to do but first a Lily walk then breakfast. After that we will let the packing, closing, hitching, checking the lights and dumping the tanks begin. Then we will be on our way to Tallulah Gorge S.P. here in Georgia. EXCITING!!!

Here’s hoping you have a Marvelous Thursday filled with Love, Hugs and Smiles.




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