Whistle Stop!


Good Morning! Yes it’s a good morning here in Georgia the birds are singing and the sun is shining and it’s PACK DOWN DAY! Yes we have checked our calendar over and over again and yes we are on the move Tomorrow!!!!! So looking forward to our next Adventure and the Journey to get there. May it have beautiful scenery and be stress free! Oh we do have to travel through Atlanta and that is always a challenge. Tallulah Gorge S.P. here we come!

We ate at the Whistle Stop Cafe and no I did not have the Fried Green Tomatoes! I am not fond of fried green tomatoes or fried pickles. I know some people love them but Norm and I don’t.  The food was delicious and I am sure later on I will post a picture of our meal. We were blessed to have a train go by as we sat there waiting on our food. Pretty neat to see and hear. The street this cafe is on has a lot of old and weathered buildings. We did do some shopping and yes I bought some wine and a couple of Christmas gifts. We plan to Christmas shop as we go along on this trip so we will have some neat presents for our family when we return to Florida for the holidays.

Today is suppose to be in the 80’s and I hope everything dries out so we don’t have to pack anything away wet. We will also load the bikes and I will pack most of the inside today. We also hope we will have some time to sit outside and enjoy our campsite one last time before we journey on. Lily’s ready to go too. She’s looking forward to the new smells at the next park.

We figured out a wine rack for the Kodiak and just have to do some more measuring and getting the things we need to make it. Will keep you posted on that and the outside pole light Norm is building. I do have two cabinets that are still not exactly the way I want them so I will be working on that along with some other crafts after our move.

Even though today is Pack Day I still need to clean the bathroom first. That is one room that you almost have to clean daily! Sigh!!!! Maybe that is what I will do from now on a quick bathroom clean everyday and then it won’t stress me out so much.

Well I need to get moving. That bathroom will not clean itself(though I wish it would) and we need to walk the Lily and have breakfast. So off to the coffee pot I go and then onward.

Hope all of you have an Amazing Wednesday filled with Joy and Smiles.



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