It’s Official


It’s a stormy morning here in Georgia. I am so glad we are in an RV and not a tent. We’ve spent many a time camping in the rain. It wasn’t easy trying to keep the tent,the kids and the dog dry. Kids and dogs just seem to love the rain. If they can get wet and muddy they are very happy! We on the other hand just see the MESS we have to clean up! Wonderful memories now a lot of work then or so it seemed. Norm and I were talking about that the other day on one of Lily’s walks. We were so happy to see families young and old out enjoying camping. Some in tents others in RVs but all were enjoying each others company.  It was fun watching them play games with their kids and grandchildren. It made us smile.

Yes, it’s OFFICIAL I am a full time RV Nomad! I now have PLANTS in pots on my table outside!!! I am growing Parsley, Basil and Thyme. I still want some Rosemary but what Norm found I would have to pot myself. I would prefer it to already be in a nice pot like my other herbs are. The bags that the potting soil comes in are way more than I would ever use for one pot of Rosemary. So I will keep looking for a potted Rosemary plant. I figure I will be able to find them around Christmas time. They make them look like little Christmas trees. Wish me luck.

Grocery Shopping went well though this Walmart was very confusing. Every Walmart is set up differently and some days it’s like you are on Safari hunting for everything that is on your list. The wet ones which are in baby products were in the isle with the hair color. Go figure I walked past that isle twice before I noticed them on a bottom shelf. Grocery Shopping has become one of our Major Adventures along with where is the best Diesel Station and the Post Office.

I need a trip to the coffee pot for a refill and soon Lily will need her walk. I’ve decided today is a hot cereal day. It’s Day Light here and the birds are beginning to sing and the trees and grass have that bright Spring green to them. Beautiful!

Hope this Tuesday brings you joy, peace and lots of smiles.


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