My Other Half!


Good Morning!

Welcome to laundry Sunday. I usually don’t do many chores on Sunday but do to the weather I decided to do the laundry. Well it decided to rain around 2 am and it rained for several hours but I’ve been Blessed it’s not raining right now and I only have 2 loads left to do. I am a very Happy Camper!

I took this picture yesterday on our hike to see the falls. He’s the Love of my life and I am so glad we are able to hike, bike and have adventures together. The trail was more strenuous than the other trail we took to the falls. This one was over rocks and some areas were steep and narrow. At the beginning there are steps and board walks but later it changes. This trail also sees a lot more foot traffic than the other trail. It’s right across from the Day Use Area and the Lakeside campground that features Yurts you can rent. There are campsites too but mostly for tents and small RVs. We prefer the Riverside campground. We like the campsites up here better. The Falls are beautiful and wonderful to see up close and personal but we decided yesterday we prefer the other side of the river to view them. It sees less foot traffic and is more Peaceful and Serene. Hope when you visit High Falls S.P. here in Georgia you check out both sides of the river and enjoy what this park has to offer. It is a beautiful park and we are enjoying our time here. We have met some wonderful people while we have been here. Here’s hoping all your dreams come true. You are Awesome!

Well it’s almost time to head up and change my laundry again and I really need a HOT cup of coffee. Every time I pour a cup I get busy and it gets cold. Cold Coffee is not for ME!!!! Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful Sunday full of love and happiness.




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