Good Morning!

I can only hope that when we take Lily for her walk that dogs are not an issue again. Two times now we’ve had to deal with people’s dogs being loose and coming at Lily. Now they maybe FRIENDLY as their owners want you to believe but I don’t trust any dogs that are loose. There are Park Rules that you are to keep your dog on a 6 foot leash. Our Lily is on leash and I don’t appreciate your dog coming along and harassing her or us. Everyone pays for their campsite and we all need to abide by the rules. It makes it a much more enjoyable experience everyone. I can’t wait for Sunday when these people go home! Sorry for the rant but we are going to be walking Lily in a little while and it concerns me.

We were able to sit out in the screen room for a little while yesterday. It was very enjoyable. I  knitted for a little while too. I do need to keep notes on what I am doing. I did figure  out what part of the pattern I was knitting and then I did a few rows. I’ve made this pattern before but it still can be confusing.

Today we are going over to check out the other campground and the day use area. There is a trail that leads to the falls from the other campground and we want to hike it to see if we can get closer to the falls for better pictures and video. Hopefully we will not be rained on as it does look like rain here.

I need coffee and Lily needs her walk so I need to get a move on.

Hope all of you have an amazing Saturday.




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