April Showers Bring May Flowers


Good Morning and yes it’s a rainy morning here in Georgia. I hear this old saying going around in my head “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” Yep then I have to smile as these same showers are keeping us from being outside this morning. We had plans to drive over to the other campground and day use area to see what all they have to offer to visitors. We hope to maybe squeeze that in this afternoon weather permitting.

Norm is working on video editing today and I am doing odds and ends. Have you ever noticed that mini chores take longer than the bigger chores do? Hey I may even craft a little too or even read a good book.

Yesterdays hike was quite pleasant. The weather was perfect not to hot, not to warm, not to BUGGY, and no rain! Our two and a half mile hike took longer than what most people would have hiked it. We stop for pictures and video but we also stop for a snack and water breaks too. Norm and I enjoy finding these interesting, at least to us, things in Mother Nature that we would have missed if we were hurrying along. The one thing that caught my eye was this tree that was a beautiful pink. So we hiked down to it and found there were three of them. I just had to take some pictures and a little video of them. We were hoping to see animals. We heard a lot of birds and the water from the ravines and the falls but we only saw one live squirrel. So we decided to hunt for animal tracks along the water edges and we were almost done with our hike when we found some. Now most of the tracks we could identify but there were a couple we couldn’t identify. Then almost at the end of the trail Norm found a spot he wants to come back to and do a little video work. Can you figure out what video spoof that will be? I’ll let you think on that and see what comes to mind. Oh on this trail every time I tripped over a root that silly Ketchup and Mustard joke the kids use to tell would spring into my mind. I’d smile and keep moving.

I am in need of a coffee refill and soon we will have to walk the Lily. So I am off to the coffee pot. Hope everyone has an interesting and exciting Friday filled with joy.






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