Good Morning!

Such a peaceful feeling standing here on this rock taking some pictures and video of the river. It was just so beautiful. Norm had climbed over some rocks a ways up from me to get some pictures of the falls. I did video the falls from where I was but after I did that I just enjoyed the splendor of Mother Nature. Then the peace was broken for a few minutes by some hikers on the other side of the river. After they were gone the peace settled in again. It was a wonderful adventure and you hate to leave there to go see what else the park has to offer.

Today we are hiking the Tranquility Trail. It’s a little over 2 miles and we are looking forward to that. Who knows what we will see. Excited!

Okay I have to talk about these Squirrels that are here in the park. They not only do the run across the road thing when you are driving on the park roads, they also do the dart across the road thing in front of your bike. I almost nailed one yesterday when I was riding up to the falls. That would have been a disaster for me! The squirrel would have  been just fine. Me I would have been on the road with my bike on top of me and the Squirrel laughing at me saying,” Take That You Silly Human! I’ll Teach You To Ride On MY Road!!!” Well I did survive the squirrel and stayed on my bike! Yeah Me!!!

The BBQ was delicious and the campfire was quite warm. I know it wasn’t the Wine that had us so warm, Norm built a fire that was very, very, very hot! We had to move our chairs back 3 times and then of course later we had to move up to the fire again. The wine was good!!

Well I need to get a move on as the Lily will need her walk soon and I need coffee!

Only 15 days till my Mom is 97. Her birthday is on Good Friday this year. She laughs as we count down the days till her birthday. It’s good to hear her laugh.

Hope everyone has a marvelous Thursday.



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