Tire Covers


Good Morning!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and another beautiful day has begun. Today we are taking the bikes out and riding down the hill to an area on the river to take a short hike up to the waterfalls. We are excited to go and see the falls and get some pictures and video. It seems like forever since  we were able to go exploring! WE plan to explore the park today and tomorrow. I can’t wait!

When we decided to become Full-Time RVers we talked about all the things we would need to make our life easier, happier and to insure our rig stays looking good and functioning like it is suppose to. One of those purchases was tire covers. We bought the white ones and we noticed that they were very dirty do to the rain and pollen mess. So since we arrived a day early here at High Falls S.P. Norm decided he would wash them before we put them back on the Kodiak. So while he did that Lily and I sat and watched him. Lily was in supervisory and guard dog mode. She even checked out the bucket of water he was using to make sure he was doing it right. She takes her jobs very seriously and does her best to earn all those Treats she inhales!

Today is a short post. I need coffee and to do a few other things before we walk the Lily, have breakfast and head out so I guess I need to get moving.

I hope all of you have a Wonderful Wednesday full of Peace, Hope and Joy.


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