Yesterday I did a couple of crafts and I had forgotten just how messy a hot glue gun can be. I did wear a bit of that glue when I was gluing the yarn to a small clear Saki bottle I had saved. I wanted to use it as a vase for the bathroom. I watch Kelly Barlow Creations on U-Tube and this is an idea I got from one of her videos. I just made it with what I had on hand and to match my bathroom decor. I think it turned out really well and I enjoyed doing it. I am sure there are more of these types of crafts in my future.

Good Morning! Hope all of you are well this Tuesday and that you survived April Fools Day. Lily isn’t going to like us today as we are taking her to the groomers and that is never a fun time for her. Kritter Kutz is where we are taking her and it’s a 30 minute drive from here. Breakfast out?

Yesterday saw a lot of activity here from the Law Enforcement(Fish and Wildlife), Park Managers, Fire Department and even a helicopter was put up to find some missing children. Our new Campground Hosts came by and ask us to keep an eye out for them. Later they were found across the river and no one knows how they got across it. They are well and were returned to their parents. A good ending for sure.

Well today I am a little sore as I added more reps to my exercises and a few new exercises too. I am so out of shape!!!!!

Today we are going to get the bikes down. We are looking forward to riding them.

Well I need more coffee two cups is never enough and Lily needs her walk. Hope all of you have a safe and peaceful Tuesday.



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