My Own Yard!


Good Morning!

Yes it’s a rainy morning here in Georgia. We feel for all the campers that are packing to leave this morning.

It will be a wet walk for the Lily this morning. She’s snoozing on my chair right now. She takes it over the minute I move. When we put up the screen room Norm also put up Lily’s fence. So now she can go out the back door and roam around or sit out there and watch the squirrels in the trees. She loves being in the screen room and now she can roam a little too. She now has the best of all worlds. You know yard, screen room, RV, and the truck’s backseat. All  of these are Lily’s and she will let you know that right quick if you should forget!

What is it about squirrels wanting to cross the road right as you are going by them? I am always holding my breath as they do that mad dash for the other side.

Well this week-end has been the most dogs with out a leash that we have seen so far. We were bombarded by dogs on our walk yesterday. Three of them at one time. They were friendly but overwhelming too. The owners are traveling with a small pod type trailer. I wonder how they all fit inside.

We set our dog stroller out yesterday for someone to take it and they did with in a few minutes. We’ve only used it once for Lily and I used it for laundry but we bought an all terrain cart yesterday. We don’t have room for both. The young woman who got the cart brought us a dish of home made ice cream last night. Delicious and very thoughtful of her.

I’m going to do a little Easter crafting today. Right now I just need more coffee and soon Lily will want her morning walk and Norm will want breakfast so I better get moving. Sigh!

I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday.



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