Goodbye Old Friend!


Good Morning!

Last night I put a pizza I had made in my electric oven. Later Norm called me outside because he said there wasn’t any heat coming from it. Now at first that didn’t concern me as it cools down towards the end of it’s cooking time. Only this time the pizza wasn’t done at all. So we played with the setting and still no heat. I had it do this once before but after redialing the temperature it came on and worked fine. Well this time it didn’t. So my oven is gone and we had to use the propane oven inside the Kodiak. It worked fine I just don’t like how we have to light it. You have to get down on the floor and reach way in the back of the oven while someone else turns the oven knob to light it. It is such a pain to use so that’s why I had the electric oven.

So sadly I said goodbye to an old friend that I have used for at least 3 years and today  I am going to be looking for a new oven. Sigh!

We are set up  completely in our site. Lily has her fence at the back of the screen room and she can go in and out whenever she wants. Norm put it far enough out that she can enjoy the grassy area there too. She’s not found of rocks. I guess they hurt her paws and we have a lot of rocks on this site. She also needs to go to the groomers again so we will be looking for one of those.

Today is errand day for us. So we will be gone most of the morning doing that and we may even go out to lunch.

There are several groups camping here together. One is to celebrate someone’s birthday. They brought in this HUGH smoker and were using it all day yesterday and again today. I can see the smoke.the camp will smell really good in a few hours and make you really hungry too.

Lots of kids on their bikes having a great time. We are in campground B and it is a small circle camping area that keeps the kids in sight as they ride around. There are still people that drive to fast through here and we all know how fast the little ones are. We keep hoping no one gets hurt because of this. The speed limit is 5 miles per hour! They are doing a lot more than that! Makes you just want to YELL at them to slow down! Getting down off my Soap Box now.

I need more coffee and Lily will want her walk soon so I need to get a move on. Hope everyone has a Saturday that makes you smile.


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