Trails and Tribulations


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is having an awesome day. The birds are singing and the weather is getting warmer so I am a happy camper.

Yesterday we arrived at High Falls S.P. in good time to discover that though we had looked at our calendar we hadn’t paid attention to the date. We arrived here a day early! That’s okay they had a pull through site for us and today we will move onto our REAL site as soon as the people on it are gone.

I have always believed that the Lord works in mysterious ways and yesterday seemed to prove that to me. I have never had such a feeling of urgency to move from a campground to another as I did moving here. After we set up yesterday and were relaxing in the Kodiak a fifth-wheel went by and we could see smoke coming from it. We thought it was their truck until the smoking tire came rolling back down the road. Then down went the fifth-wheel. I am so glad it just set down on  the road. No one was injured or anything else harmed. Norm went to help as did other campers. Later I met the family and brought the kids back with me for apple juice and a place to sit down and regroup. Then we headed back to their parents. I ended up opening that bottle of wine I had put in the fridge when we arrived. That glass of wine gave her something to hold onto as she tried to solve all the issues surrounding their situation. I am so glad this didn’t happen out on the interstate. The end could have been so different. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. They are safe in the campsite across from us and they are okay and that is all that matters the rest can be worked out today. Our Ranger was wonderful and kind. She’s an amazing young woman who by the way is getting married in June. We wish her the best. So today we will see how they are doing and ask that they let us know when they have arrived safely home. We will worry about them. We just can’t help ourselves. They are from Canada. The kids are do back in school on Monday. They weren’t to happy about that.

So today we will repack and move a few feet to our site that we will be on for 13 days. I can’t wait to move over there.

I need coffee and to get a couple of things out of the truck hope all of you have a great Friday.



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