Time To Go!


Good Morning!

It’s hard to believe that a month has already passed and it’s time for us to Journey On. We are very excited to be moving today. We have stayed overnight at High Falls S.P. several times but we’ve never been there long enough to explore the park and the surrounding area. So for the next 13 days we can do that. We are also looking at options for my wine rack and that excites me! There is also a Michaels, a Home Depot, Walmart and a Dollar Tree not to far away so maybe I can get some decorating done. I may even get a couple of plants too. We will see. I am all smiles. I am so excited to be able to finish my decorating projects and maybe have some fresh herbs too. Then there’s the exploring we are planning to do. It will be a busy and fun 13 days for sure. We are ready to let the Adventures begin! I am feeling very Blessed and grateful to be able to do all of this.

I want to thank everyone who is reading my Blog and checking out our Facebook and Instagram posts and of course our U-Tube videos. All of you are wonderful.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday. Yes I was off yesterday on my days of the week. My mind was on Tuesday and the day was Wednesday. Sorry!

I do have some packing to do but we are hoping to pull-out around 11 am and that gives us plenty of time to get everything done. Yeah us!

It was 36 degrees this morning. I am waiting for the 50 and 60 degree Spring mornings. Where are you hiding them Mother Nature? The birds are singing and the sunshine is just hitting the tops of the trees another beautiful Spring morning here in Georgia.

Once again I am out of coffee and need a refill. You know me and my coffee it’s my favorite beverage of all time. Lily will soon need a walk and I just am not sure what I’m fixing for breakfast. Oh well will decide that on Lily’s morning walk.

Hope your Thursday is filled with Love, Laughter, Hope and Happiness!



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