Will It Rain


Good Morning!

I can hear the birds outside singing their hearts out. It is so good to hear them for someday I may not be able to. One of my simple pleasures is hearing the birds singing. Do you have any simple pleasures that make you smile like a child’s smile or laugh, clouds passing over head or a flowering bush? Life can be harsh sometimes and that’s why I look for the simple pleasures around me every day.

Well we weren’t suppose to get any rain yesterday even though it was a very cloudy day. We did get the grocery shopping done and even filled the Ford’s tank in preparation for our journey tomorrow. Around 4 pm Norm went to take Miss Lily for her last short walk of the day and we heard the sounds of rain on the roof. Sure enough a cloud had decided to stop and rain on us for a few minutes. It lasted just long enough to get things wet then it moved on. Guess it showed us not to completely depend on the weather app!

I love to take pictures of Mother Nature in all her glory. Clouds are some of my favorites to take photos of or even to video. They are always changing. A clear blue sky in a matter of minutes can turn cold and grey with just a few clouds and the sun to back light them it makes for a magical picture as does the dew on the grass in the early mornings that seems to sparkle like diamonds. Just Beautiful!

Today is pack down day. I do have a lot to pack and most of it goes in the Black Hole under our bed. Oops I mean the storage under our bed. It will take me several hours to get it all done but it does make our Travel Day easier.  I need to get a move on or I won’t get this done today and my coffee cup is almost empty and I need a refill badly!!!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.


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