Private Parks


Good Morning!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. We are planning a short hike this morning if I can just find the energy to go on it.

I thought I’d talk about the park we are staying in here in Georgia.

It’s the Scenic Mountain RV Park and Campground. We’ve been here for almost a month. In fact on Wednesday it will be a month as we are leaving on Thursday morning for High Falls S.P. This is a nice private park. It is very well maintained and the managers are very nice and professional. They do have volunteers here. So if that is something you would be interested in you could always contact them or speak to them when you arrive about their volunteer program. There are a lot of amenities here. They have a bath house and a separate restrooms that also contain showers. There is a laundry room with 3 washers and 3 dryers. They are a $1.50 each and the washers run for 30 minutes and the dryers for 40 minutes. My favorite part of the park!!!! There is a place to give your dog a bath and once a month you can wash your rig. If you want to more often there is a fee. They do have mail delivery and you can pick up you mail and shipments at the office. There is a dog park that’s fenced so you can let your dog run  around off it’s leash and several mini trails to hike on as well as a play ground and a pool. They also offer some planned activities if you should want to attend. All in all this has been a pleasant park to stay in and I can understand why a lot of people live here full time. It’s also not to far from the Walmart and places to eat and so on. So if you are looking for a place to stay a few days, a few weeks or even a few months this might be the park for you.

Yesterday I did some baking and I even made ice cream and it all turned out really good. I was very nervous about making that ice cream. Next time I will try to make chocolate.

I need more coffee and to have my devotions and get my day moving on. Lily will be bugging me wanting her morning walk soon.




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