Spring Cleaning Is Done! Bring On The Fun!


Good Morning!

It’s in the 40’s here this morning. Today is just a normal chore day for me. The dreaded cleaning out of the fridge. You just never know what is lurking behind that carton of eggs or in the veggie drawer. I plan to go grocery shopping before we leave so I want to make sure I have room for a few things and that always means cleaning out the fridge. That’s all I have planned for today.

Norm is going to replace the seal in the bathroom stool today. He has to remove the stool from the RV to do this. Thank heavens they do have a bathroom near by. He is hoping this is an easy project that isn’t to time consuming.

I love how our home looks in the early daylight hours. The Kodiak looks warm and inviting. Of course our truck just looks awesome. We call her the BAT and the name fits her very well! I was trying to get some pictures of the moon but the clouds kept getting in the way. I guess they wanted attention too. Silly me not to know that, right?

Lily has been making a lot of new friends and yesterday she didn’t want to walk by this one RV. She was so busy trying to see if the 2 little girls were there and would they come out and make a fuss over her. She is so spoiled!!!! I had to force her to keep walking and she wasn’t happy with me at all. We eventually made it home. However Lily did take her sweet time getting there.

We are ready to Journey On next Thursday. High Falls State Park here we come. We are ready to do some hiking and exploring. It’s been nice here but we can only handle staying in one place for so long and we are ready to see what’s over the next hill and around the next corner. Ah the Nomad way of life. We love it!

Well my coffee cup is empty and Lily will need her walk soon so I need to get moving. Hope everyone has an Awesome Friday.




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