I Am So Short!


Good Morning!

I’m having my coffee, listing to the birds and Norm talk to Lily about the fact she has to Share the chair. My load of rugs is done and I’ve hung them out to dry. I waited to do them till it was daylight so I could see better walking over to the laundry room. One chore is done. Yeah Me!!!

Okay so here is a picture of our new fantastic fan. It is awesome and on high speed could blow you out of the bathroom. However the lever to open and turn it on at the same time is so high up there on the fan that even on my tippy toes I can’t reach it. Now I refuse to wear a pair of high heels just to turn on the bathroom exhaust fan so Norm brought in our small green folding step stool. It works but it’s frustrating that every time I need to turn it on I have to get the stool out. Also it’s another thing I have to store in the bathroom. It’s getting crowded in there. I figure soon the occupants will all start complaining and that isn’t something I want to deal with! Sigh!

Today’s chore list though not long could be time consuming. I decided to move some of my shoes and clothes I don’t use often out to the truck. Then I want to finish sorting and repacking the under bed storage. I think I will also go through a cabinet and a drawer in the living area and rearrange things to make life a little simpler. After today my Spring Cleaning will be done then it’s just the regular daily,weekly,bi-weekly and monthly chores. So glad to be finishing it today. I am all smiles about this.

The wine rack is in the thought and design process. I am going to be on Pinetrest a lot looking for ideas that will work here in the Kodiak.

Well it’s coffee and devotions time so I need to get moving. Hope every one has a Peaceful and Successful Thursday.


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  1. I feel your pain! I don’t know if they will work for you, but I used a pair of kitchen tongs with silicone on god tips to operate mine. Learned that trick from my sister-in-law!


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