Container Time!


Good Morning!

Today the sun’s not shown itself  yet. I love seeing the sun light up the tree tops. That just makes the mornings bright and cheerful. No bird song either. Maybe they decided to sleep in. The world is still asleep or so it seems. Of course here the Lily doesn’t like to sleep past 6 AM. She is a firm believer that the early dog gets the bone!

I gather a lot of schools are on Spring Break. There are some children here in the park and that usually happens only on the weekends. I remember when our children were young  Spring Break started on Good Friday and went through the week after Easter. Those Spring Breaks were the best. You could actually travel and visit family and not have to worry about rushing back to get the kids off to school on Monday. Fond memories!

Today is the day I am going through all my containers in the truck, except my craft one. I did that one last week. I am going to go through my clothes,shoes,purses,hats and kitchen and house containers and decide what I am keeping and what I am donating. I also plan to bring in my ice cream maker. I have to see if it will fit in my freezer. The insert has to freeze for at least 24 hours before you can use it to make ice cream. This is another first for me making homemade ice cream. I’m excited to try this!

A laugh on me!  I thought I was getting a bag of garlic and when I went to use them I found out they were the small onions. That will teach me not to look twice at what I am putting in my cart. So tomorrow I have to pick up a head of garlic.

Well I managed to get my to-do list done yesterday and of course it took me longer than I thought it would. Though I am very happy and content that it is done. While I was doing that list I kept finding more things to add to my master To-Do List. That list is never ending!!!!

I’ve decided the rugs will be washed and hung out to dry on Thursday as it is suppose to be in the 70’s here. That will be awesome as these rugs are driving me crazy.

Well I am out of coffee. I really need another cup so I am going to head on over to the coffee pot for that refill.

Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday.




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