Still Cleaning!


Good Morning!

The birds are sure happy this morning. Another day has begun and I can see the sun just beginning to touch the tops of the trees. It’s beautiful and peaceful out right now but just wait soon the whole park will be up and everyone will be rushing around to get their daily chores done. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. I can’t wait to be able to sit outside in the early morning and have coffee and watch the world wake up.

Today is a going through my make-up,nail polish and some other things and discarding the things I don’t use. I don’t have a long list for today but sometimes the smaller list takes a lot longer to do. I don’t know why that is do you? I also need to get in the under bed storage and rearrange a few things. Then I am going to change the cds I carry in the truck. I keep meaning to do that and then I forget so today’s the day. Just a few projects to keep this Spring cleaning moving forward.

We’ve been talking and we are ready to Journey On. We miss the State and Federal parks and the diverse campers that we meet there. We also miss having nature to look at instead of the back of our neighbors Rig. Life here is predictable. It’s like living in a subdivision again. We know we will be using these kinds of parks a lot on our Journey and they do serve a useful purpose however we do prefer the other kind of parks. Okay enough of that.

My coffee cup is almost empty and I really need a refill! Lily will be bugging me for her walk soon so I had better get moving.

Happy Monday.


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