Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Good morning and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

Are you wearing something green? I have on green socks at the moment does that count? Oh I am also having my morning coffee in a green mug.

Well this morning I plan to bake some biscuits and later make some cookies. I want to freeze most of the cookie dough and then I can just slice and bake however many we want. I do make sure to put the kind of cookie and the baking instructions on the freezer bag and that way I don’t have to look it up each time I bake a batch. Today it’s peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

It’s in the 30’s here this morning and it’s only going into the 60’s today. Quite a contrast from last week or even a few days ago. I am so ready for warm weather that stays around and just doesn’t drop in for a quick visit and then heads off again.

Yesterday I did accomplish a few of the things on my to-do list. I always have more on there than I will get accomplished in one day. At least I can pick and choose what I am going to complete and not feel guilty about the rest. I just put them on another day’s to-do list. Keeps me motivated. I think we all need a reason to get up in the morning and to continue moving through out the day. I like to accomplish at least one thing each day even if it’s only putting my make-up on. Some days that seems to be such a chore, especially when I’m cleaning or I don’t feel well. On those days it’s lip gloss only. Of course those are the days that Norm decides to turn the camera on me and I usually don’t even have my lip gloss on!!! Oh well story of my life as they say.

I hope all of you have a Wonderful Peaceful Sunday. Time for coffee and a Lily walk.



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