Norm and Lily


Good Morning!

Today I rolled over and fell back asleep and was late calling my Mom. We talked for a short time the colder weather is getting to her. She is ready for some Springtime temperatures and being able to sit outside and enjoy her yard and people watch. Now you know where I get the people watching fun. People can be so entertaining at times or aggravating it all depends on the day and time!

The picture I chose for today is a rather sweet one of Lily and Norm sitting on a bench. My fingertip got in the picture too. Sorry! We had taken Miss Lily on a walk up to the picnic area and had stopped to rest and admire the pond there. This picture is from January of this year right before we left Florida so we were at Mike Roess Gold Head Branch S.P. in Keystone Heights,Florida. It is one of our favorite parks in Florida so we visit it twice a year.

Well errand day did not go as planned. I didn’t find most of the things on my list and that was a disappointment. I really wasn’t in the mood to go to Hobby Lobby and I should have been able to find the things I was looking for at the Dollar Tree and Walmart. However that was not the case. I realized just how spoiled I had become!!! Orange City, Florida had all my favorite stores within 5 or 10 minutes of where I lived and that included Michaels and Target. Oh! Well! I will just have to plan better this time. I will wait till we move at the end of the month and see what is near the next park and then continue on with my crafting and redecorating of our Kodiak. Yes, some things are leaving the Kodiak that have been in here for 3 years and new ones will be replacing them. I can’t wait to get started on this new project of mine.

This coming week I will be redoing my closet and my containers in the truck. I will be purging my clothes,shoes,hats,purses and make-up. What I don’t use or wear I am going to seriously look at and donate a lot of it. I found the Good Will is next door to the Dollar Tree so I can take a lot of it there. I want to purchase somethings this spring and I need room for them. So out with the old and in with the new! Not everything of course there are some things I just can’t part with and that is okay too. Yes, I am smiling!

Well I am out of coffee in my cup and our Lily will need a walk soon. I can hear the birds outside just a singing away. Spring is here even though the temperatures have dropped again. Hope everyone has an awesome Saturday.






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