Time To Play


Good Morning!

Hope everyone has a good day today. Today I have plans to go through my craft and linens containers that are in the truck. I need to sort and rearrange them. Also this will give me the chance to see exactly what I brought with me. Should be fun. Norm is doing video work today.

As you can see in this picture Norm and Lily are kicked back and relaxing. For the Lily that is taking another nap. For Norm that is some gaming time. For me it’s reading, crafting,or coloring in one of my Dollar Tree coloring books. Great stress reliever too!

Our new neighbors are Cardinal fans and have a cat. Thank heavens Lily can’t see it. She is not a fan of cats at all. Most other animals,birds and even reptiles she’s okay with but cats are a barking frenzy waiting to happen.

It’s a pretty morning but I don’t know if it’s warm or cold out. I will in a little bit as we take Lily for her first walk of the day. We have our electric heater on so it maybe in the 40’s here.

NEWS FLASH: We found my Canister Lid right where we thought it might be. It was under the center console of our theater seats. So glad to have it back. Then Norm couldn’t find the extra Go-Pro battery and he hunted everywhere. Later he moved something in a basket of his stuff and there was the battery. Yeah!! Those things aren’t cheap to replace. Whew am I glad he found it.

The birds are sure singing and talking to each other just wish I understood what they are saying. Well it’s time to get moving. I would rather just sit here drink coffee and listen to the bird song this morning.



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