RV Parks


Good morning! I can hear the birds singing and daylight is just beginning here. Lily let us sleep in today. Twenty after Six is sleeping in for Lily! Today Norm is doing some video of our daily life and we are moving the theater seating out to clean, glue the self stick tile down, move the electrical outlets up where we can get to them easier and hopefully we  find my missing canister lid!

Between loads of laundry,getting the bikes down and refilling the propane tank I started thinking about the people that live here in this RV park. We have noticed a lot of them are permanent residences. Some had their rigs delivered here and they haven’t moved them since. Most of those are the 5th wheels or Travel Trailers. You can tell those because they have a car or small SUV that wouldn’t pull the rig they’re living in. So that makes them more obvious. The others are the motor coaches and the way you can tell usually is the patio furniture. The chairs are like the kind used on patios. They don’t fold up or are easy to store in your rig. The other things I’ve noticed is the people have a set routine. This one Lady does her laundry at the same time every week. Some we hear leaving for work or we notice their vehicles are gone when we take Lily for her walk. Then there are the people who know the parks schedule and can tell you everything you need to know about the park or the area around here. An RV park is it’s own gated community and a good place to live if you are looking for a place to stay long term. The park we are staying at is reasonably priced and has a lot to offer. There is a pool,playground for the kids, a dog park where your dog can run around loose, fishing ponds and trails too. There are showers, restrooms, a place to give your dog a bath, a laundry, a camp store, mail delivery and propane refilling station. So it has a lot of the things you need to stay awhile. The downside for us is the on top of your neighbor part. Now don’t get me wrong we do enjoy people watching but we do prefer some nature between us and our neighbors.Okay for now this RV Park is serving us well as we get some Kodiak maintenance done. We also know that on our journey this year and in the future we will be staying at quite a few of these. They are nice but we still love our State and Federal parks.

Time to get a move on and I need coffee!

Happy Tuesday.


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