Beating The Rain


It’s a rainy morning here in Georgia. It was suppose to be clear today. Oh well just means I have to move quicker than I normally do and drink my coffee on the run. I have 2 dryers going and that’s the last of the laundry for today. I started at 6:15 am this morning and I will be done completely by 10:00 am. Yeah! We’ve already taken down the bikes and the propane tank is in the truck to  get it refilled and I do have something I need to mail so I’ll do that while Norm gets the tank filled. Thank heavens they have a mail box and we don’t have to hunt down the Post Office. We will have breakfast in a few minutes and Miss Lily has already had her walk all before 9 am. That’s a record for us!

I think next week I will get my hair cut again. I want to keep it looking good and I love the cut. Hopefully whomever I get can do the cut right.

Well I need to fix breakfast and my coffee cup is almost empty and I want to enjoy both before I head back over to fold the last 2 loads of laundry.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.




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