Movie Night


Good Morning! Coffee Time!

Today being the first day of Daylight Savings Time our Lily let us sleep in. So this means we are running a little behind in our morning routine. Oh well it was nice to have that extra snooze, thanks Lily. We know that won’t happen tomorrow as she adjusts rather quickly to things and nothing gets between Lily and her breakfast!!!!

Yesterday was grocery day and we decided we would look for a new set of videos to join our collection. John Wayne was who we were looking for but we had all of the movies that Walmart offered so we kept looking. Norm discovered this collection of Harry Potter. We had only seen the first movie ,do to the family insisting we watch it, many many years ago. So we bought the set and last night we watched the first movie. It was quite enjoyable along with the popcorn. What’s a movie night with out hot popcorn to munch on? Tonight the movie will be K-2. It’s about mountain climbing and one of our favorites. More popcorn to munch on of course! We do enjoy these nights together with a good movie,popcorn and Lily!

It’s Sunday and we don’t have anything planned for today. It’s suppose to rain off and on today so I guess I had better get moving to get Miss Lily her walk.

Hope all of you have a Peaceful Sunday.


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