Morning Sky


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday morning just remember to set those CLOCKS up an HOUR tonight before you head to bed. Yes Day Light Savings Time is upon us again! Mom and I were talking about this the other day and she told me it began back when they were making Liberty Gardens and it was so everyone had time to work in there garden after they got home from work. My Mom will be 97 in April so she has seen and lived through a lot of our Countries hard times. She remembers all the Presidents that have been in office since she was a little girl. There are quite a few of them and she will tell you just who she liked and who she couldn’t wait for them to get out of office! That can be an interesting and long conversation.

Yesterday’s morning’s sky caught my eye and I just had to get a picture of it. I loved the way the Sun was trying to shine through the clouds. Lily could have carried less as all she wanted to do was walk and sniff!

Last night was Date Night and we went to the Dublin, Georgia’s Balloon Glow. Well it was interesting and a bit frustrating too. The vendors didn’t post the prices of their food or beverages on their signs and you had to purchase food tickets. Also there were no refunds if you bought to many. The tickets were a $1.00 a piece. That would have been okay but with no prices on any of the signs it made it hard to know just how many to buy. As for the balloon part that was a bit disappointing too. They couldn’t put them up do to the wind and we can understand that however they did fill the balloons and they did glow but they were up and down so quickly that it was hard to take pictures or video of them. We managed to get a few good pictures and video though so we are happy with that. Okay while we were watching the balloons being filled this young lady with her neat camera equipment stopped and ask us if there were people inside of the balloon. As we were answering her the RE MAX balloon turned on their burner to keep inflating their balloon and she goes” Oh, I guess that answers my question.” Duh! Just makes you shake your head and smile. Just wondering what TV or Newspaper she works for. It was the most entertaining moment of the night. People watching came in second to that.

I still have to do somethings before Lily’s walk so I need to get a move on. It’s in the 50’s here so just a light jacket is needed. Yeah, I can pack away my heavy coat again and Norm has unplugged the heated hose.

Hello Spring so glad you’ve come to visit a little early. So I am off to get a cup of coffee and have my devotions and get ready to get on with my Saturday. Yes, I am so excited about grocery shopping. This time I do a have a freezer to put frozen goods in. So happy and glad. Now I can make ice cream and make up my cookie dough and keep it in the freezer. That way I can bake a few cookies when ever we want some. It’s a win-win for me!


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