Night Falls Softly


Good Morning!

I can hear the birds outside singing and talking to each other. Hearing their song  is a beautiful way to start the morning. Of course a cup of coffee is wonderful too.

Last night we enjoyed a campfire and hot chocolate. It was a beautiful evening and not to cold to sit out there. Our fire pit is quite deep and it has no rocks around it so I have to remind myself all the time that it is there so I don’t fall into it. The night was beautiful with all the stars out. I know I saw one of the Dippers but for the life of me I couldn’t tell if it was the Big Dipper or the Little Dipper!

Tonight is  Date Night and we are going to see the Balloons lift off. We have never done this before so this should be fun. I hope we can get some good photos and video of it. It’s about an hour from here so we have to give ourselves plenty of time to get there as Miss Goggle likes to give us turning directions at the last minute! That can cause you to miss your turn and drive out of your way looking for a place to turn around. All part of the Adventure though and we do see a lot of country we wouldn’t see otherwise. Even so it can get aggravating too especially if you are trying to be on time somewhere! Oh well enough of that.

We picked up my set of 6 drawers from Walmart. They should hold most of the craft supplies I keep in the Kodiak. I haven’t put my jewelry making and repair supplies in there yet. So we will see if it holds as much as I think it will. It looks great and I am slowly getting the Kodiak to look exactly how I had envisioned it so many months ago.

Spring Cleaning is going well. I am about a third of the way done. As usual some things just take longer to do and you have to keep rethinking them because somethings just don’t work in here. Then it’s back to the drawing board to plan another way of getting it done. I haven’t found that missing lid yet! I will keep looking.

Well I need coffee and Lily needs her walk so I better get a move on.

Hope all of you have a Terrific Friday.



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