Lasagna Night


Good Morning!

It’s 30 degrees now. It was in the 20’s early this morning. So grateful we have a heated water hose.  It’s so pretty out with the sun shining that you forget just how cold it is. The birds are singing too. Spring is only 13 days away.

Last night I made a pan of lasagna for dinner for the first time since moving into our Kodiak. I used my toaster oven that has so many options it boggles the mind. I’ve used the rotisserie once before but usually I just bake in it. So I decided to make lasagna and another first for me was the oven ready lasagna noodles. They are amazing. You don’t have to precook and then cool the noodle before layering the lasagna in the pan. I used ground turkey and marinara sauce with both grated Parmesan and Italian Style(mix of cheeses) cheese. I like to get the bags of different types of cheeses and keep them in my fridge. Makes life so much easier and I use them to make grill cheese sandwiches with too. Delicious! Anyway this pan of lasagna made us 3 meals. I froze the leftover lasagna and now I have two quick and easy meals to heat and serve. Just add a veggie or two and butter bread and there is a quick and easy dinner. I was able to put these freezer bags in my new Dometic Freezer. I am a very Happy Camper!

We’re out of charcoal  so later today we will head over to the local Walmart for that. I do plan to get the drawers in the kitchen done today. This project is taking me longer than I had planned. Isn’t that how things usually go? For me the answer is Yes!!!!

Looking forward to warm weather again. I would love to be able to sit outside and watch our small part of the world go by. They also have 4 more hikes/walks here we would like to try. It’s suppose to start warming up tomorrow. Yeah!!!!

Well I need another cup of coffee and Lily needs her walk and soon Norm will tell me he’s hungry. So I had better start moving a bit faster than a snail’s pace. Hope everyone has a peaceful Thursday.




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