A Taste Of Spring


Good Morning!

The sun is shining but it is very cold here this morning. We bundle up when we go out and Miss Lily wears her heavy winter coat too. Shivering has become a way of life here.

I took this picture right after we arrived here last Wednesday. It was wonderful to see the Spring flowers and trees in bloom. Of course now it feels like we are in a deep freeze and we are not use to that any more. We lived in Florida for 20 years and though it would drop down it didn’t last long and we were back in the 80’s. So this is extreme for us although it is probably just another winter to all of you. Sorry that sounded like a whine happening.

Today I am finishing the kitchen cabinets and drawers. Yesterday was the bathroom and I have to say it looks pretty good. I redid the cabinets in there. I am thinking of looking for a conditioner/shampoo/shower gels dispenser that mounts on the shower wall. I need one that has 4 compartments in it as Norm and I use 2 different kinds of shower gel. It would make moving day easier and I could get the bigger bottles of what we use and save money too.So far it’s in the research stage. So we will see.

Time for more coffee and a Lily walk so then I can make breakfast and we can get this day moving forward. Norm plans on working on the freezer install again today. It will be cold out there but he will be in the sun. We do have to go pick up some mail that was delivered late yesterday at the office. It’s nice to be able to order things and have them shipped here. Though I am sure in a couple of weeks we will be looking forward to moving on again.

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday.



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