Look At That Smile!


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is doing well today. We have 36 degrees and sunshine. Norm and I are planning a short hike/walk later today.

Look at that smile on Bob’s face! He loves the new dump truck Norm found on the beach at the last park. He’s getting quite a collection of trucks and RVs. One had a Christmas theme so it’s in storage. He can use that one later this year. Right now he has 2 Travel Trailers and 2 trucks. I am not sure just where he stays at night but so far I haven’t heard any complaints from the rest of our travel companions about his behavior. So I consider that a win. I know it’s not going to last though. So I will enjoy it while I can.

Well it’s a little rough to go from needing the AC on to having the heaters on and wearing winter coats again. Every time we went out yesterday we were bundled up and that included the Lily. Cold weather makes me want to hibernate. You know like the bears do! Come out only when the weather turns warm again. That doesn’t work I’m told so yes in a little while it will be walk the Lily and hurry back to our warm home. The only problem with that is that Lily doesn’t hurry unless it’s raining and she’s getting wet! So we will STROLL down the hill and then up the other side as she checks out all the trees and shrubs along the way. It can be a LONG COLD walk!!!!!

Working inside today. What I was going to do last week (bathroom) I am doing today. Norm is working on videos and other things like our 2020 trip plans and so on. Lily will be napping and keeping the theater seats warm. Awe the Nomad life. We love it.

Yesterday we had some new neighbors move in and they provided our lunch time entertainment. We watched them unhitch and set up camp. It was very interesting and somewhat amusing. We figure people say the same about us especially when we are getting the bikes down or putting them back up on the rack!

I guess I am going to have to go get me some black picture frames at the Dollar Tree. I want to have all my pictures in black frames and there are a few other pictures I would love to display and can’t right now because I don’t have enough frames. I just have to keep reminding myself of this and put it on my To Do List. That list keeps getting longer by the minute. Keeps me busy though. Yepppp I am smiling.

Well I am out of coffee in my cup. So I’m headed to the coffee pot for a refill.

I hope all of you have a great Tuesday.




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