A Very Big Mess!


Good Morning! Hope everyone has a pleasant and peaceful Sunday.

We are taking it easy today. Yesterday we both worked on projects here in the Kodiak. Norm worked on the electric to install my freezer in the bay and I worked on reorganizing my Kitchen cabinets. What I found out was that what may work very well in a regular house may not work in my RV. I love all my crystal and glass canisters. I have some of these that will work really well here but some of the round or the odd shaped ones will not work at all. Do to their shape they take up to much room. They don’t store well in my containers or in the cabinets. I love the clear glass and crystal containers because you can see the contents in them. However I need to find some that I can stack and also will fit in my new storage containers in my cabinets.  I need this for my peace of mind to be more organized in my kitchen. I love to cook but always having to hunt for the ingredients is very frustrating. So I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking from scratch like I use to. Last night because I knew where everything was I got so excited that I made macaroni and cheese from scratch. This time I used the Mexican blend of shredded cheese I had in the fridge and it turned out really good. May have that for my lunch today!

I am keeping my Strawberry Canisters. I put them out on the counter and I love the look of my kitchen when they are setting out. To me they say Welcome Home!

As for New Storage ideas for the canisters in my cabinets I will be doing some Walmart and Dollar Tree shopping to replace these. There are a few I will keep but a lot of them must go. Storage is at a premium in a RV. I know that this will take time but that’s okay I know what I am looking for and I will find it. Just like the set of drawers I am looking for to store my inside craft supplies this Walmart didn’t have it but I will check on line and maybe I can get it delivered to the store and go pick it up. We will see. There is always something to think and rethink and do and redo in a home. It doesn’t matter if your home has wheels or is a stationery structure there is always something that needs to be done.

Well I need to get off here and take the Lily for her walk before the rain moves in. We are suppose to have thunder storms today and Lily hates those.

Hope everyone has a good day.




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