What A Mess!


Good Morning!

Today is suppose to be a No Rain day for us. Yeah!  We have a few jobs we are wanting to start. Norm’s Asthma is causing him issues do to the POLLEN that is out there.  We have figured out that we will be going through a lot of pollen as we travel because most of the states we will be visiting will be coming into their Spring season as we arrive! Poor Norm!

I thought I’d share a picture of how my cabinet looked when we arrived here on Wednesday. Everything had moved and slid all over the place. Well I have redone it and I went yesterday and picked up some of the things I need to do the other cabinets. That is next weeks projects as today is the cleaning of the bathroom. I also want to go through the 2 cabinets I have in there and make sure that the stuff won’t come flying out at me when I open the cabinet again! I have started putting a towel in the sink before I open that cabinet. I do this after we arrive because of the roads we’ve been traveling on as the  things in this cabinet tend to shift around all the time. As they say live and learn!  I know there are a lot more of these roads in our future. That’s okay it’s just part of the Adventure!

The birds are singing and the sun is shining and I need to get motivated as Lily will be wanting her morning walk soon. I need more coffee!!!!

Hope everyone has a Super Saturday.



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