A Relaxing Pup


Good Morning!

Well today is a rainy day. We are suppose to have rain all day and then the temperatures are suppose to drop. Of course Norm and I packed our coats back in the truck and stored the heated water hose! Oh well we will just have to dig it all out again to use them for a few days.

Here’s Lily and I relaxing before bed time. She was all comfy and Norm was asking her if she wanted to go outside. As you can see she wasn’t real interested in doing that. She’s funny on our walks here. She does great on the down hill part but on the up hill she keeps slowing down to a crawl. What she wants is for us to carry her up the hill. We keep telling her she needs the exercise and keep her moving. She’s always happy to get back home!

Today we need to do a Walmart and Dollar Tree run even in the rain. That’s why they made ponchos and umbrellas right? Well we do need bread and a few other things.

I started my Spring Cleaning and redid 2 of my cabinets yesterday. In one of my lower cabinets everything had shifted on the way here and it was a mess. The other was an upper cabinet and it had some of my pots and pans in it and I wanted to put them all together in the same lower cabinet. So I cleaned both cabinets and rearranged them. It took me about an hour and I was very happy with the end result. I still have 5 cabinets and 9 drawers in the kitchen to redo hence the Dollar Tree run. I will be so glad to have this part of my Spring Cleaning done.

Well though the rain is making me want to either go back to bed and snooze or curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee I know I need to get moving. I hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday and a good week-end.


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