Hello this is the view out of the window where I was sitting a few minutes ago. It’s going to be a beautiful day. Hard to believe that we have rain coming in and the temperature is going to drop back down. I guess that is to remind us that it is still winter. Spring is only 20 days away though. On our walk yesterday we saw some Spring flowers blooming, a lovely sight to behold.

We haven’t decided if we are going to take down our bikes as there are so many hills here in the park I would most definitely be walking my bike up them! There are some hiking trails here in the park and the area around us has a lot of things to see. So we are very excited over that. All work and no play isn’t much fun so we will be sure to have some fun while we are here.

Decided on McDonald’s last night. The service was so slow that a couple walked in and waited to have their order taken and no one even noticed them so they left. At least our food was hot when we left with it. We were glad to get back to camp and our Lily. She likes French Fries and Bacon!

There is a big difference between Federal, State and Private Parks we have found. Where the Federal and the State parks let you put up your screen rooms and leave out the other things you use like drying racks for towels or your grill a lot of the private parks have rules against it. Here we can’t leave out the table we cook on or any of the things we use to cook with(grill, my oven or crock pot) and we can’t put up our screen room or use our drying rack for the towels. When we use the grill, oven, or crock pot we have to put them away right after we use them. I understand they want to keep their park looking nice but sometimes I feel this is going over board. We do have a fire pit at this park and they do pick up your trash every day if you set it out before 11 am. That’s awesome for us. There is a nice laundry room with several washers and dryers and they are reasonable with the cost of using them. Will write more about the park over the next few days.

Thanks to road construction I had things fly out at me from a few cabinets when I opened the doors. That’s okay I wasn’t hurt and not one item broke. That’s a win for me!

Well my cup of coffee is almost empty and I need a refill and soon it will be time for Lily’s first walk of the day. Say a prayer for me it’s down a hill and up a hill to get back to our campsite.

Hope everyone has a Terrific Thursday.


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