What’s For Breakfast,Lunch And Dinner??


Good Morning hope this finds everyone doing well. Here the birds are singing and the squirrels are out in force. Though it is overcast as far as I know there is no rain predicted for today or tomorrow. A good day to pack up the Kodiak for our early start tomorrow. So that means get up and get moving.

Menus aha what can I say. I start with a week’s  worth of menus and then I change my mind continually. A lot has to do with where we are at.  Then there is what I have in the pantry,freezer or fridge and more importantly is what are we hungry for. Some days it’s something simple like a bowl of cereal for breakfast or a soup and sandwich lunch. Other times we are grilling or maybe we are having Publix chicken(our favorite) or we decide to try a local restaurant. So sometimes my menus work and sometimes they don’t. I keep the pantry, fridge and freezer stocked of the basics and only buy other things if I am sure I will use them. As we all know fresh produce just does not last as long as it use to. I’ve discovered that with bread too. So it means I do make a few more trips to the store for bread,milk, eggs and produce. I was doing that when we had a house too only my bread could be put in the freezer and here it can’t. That’s okay there is always something to see on the way to the store or I could make my own bread if I wanted to. So going to the store can be an adventurer in itself. Makes for some interesting and fun times. Awe the life of a Nomad an exciting trip to the grocery store! That reminds me later this week I will need to pick up milk, eggs and bread and Yes I am smiling!

Lily is being patient with me today so I do need to get moving and take her for her morning walk. I can hear the mowers outside and it also sounds like a few of the campers are packing or hitching to move on. I wish them safe travels today.

Hope everyone has a pleasant Tuesday.



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